Sabado, Abril 23, 2011

Waking Up After Lunch on a Black Saturday

No GOOD MORNING for today, only GOOD AFTERNOON. I skipped it. Recently, I am getting longer and longer hours of sleep provided there are nothing to cause me to get up. The alarm clocks that I use consists of 2 cellphones (Nokia E63 with Pitbulls' Bon Bon Me No Speak Americano and Nokia XpressMusic with The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band) and the TV set at full volume over channel 2 Umagang Kay Ganda.  Nothing beats Winnie Cordero's pitch to wake you up in the morning especially when you need to rush because it is running a little late. For today, it is a whole lot different waking up. The feeling is like a television turning on, from a complete nothing to full showing. Bright lights tend to become too annoying probably because of too much information sent to the brain which is just starting up. (Tanghali na!!!= It's already lunch time!!!) Usually, I get this feeling when I drank too much alcohol the night before. Now what, I was supposed to go to the market to buy food and cook for today. For two days, I have been eating food cooked by my friends and they are challenging me to cook for them to have a taste of my specialty. Maybe because I brag a lot about how good I am when it comes to the kitchen. Come to think of it, when I am cooking I do not normally taste it. Its a habit not to taste but I just sense the flavors by smelling what is going on. Expert! Sometimes I fail, most of the times I don't. Judging from the people I was able to serve the dish, they were all polite in saying how good the food was. Or am I too scary to disappoint? Well, there are no left overs so its enough compliment already or the serving was not enough. Anyway, I am wondering why I feel awful lot sleepy after consuming meals? Is it because now a days I eat my heart out? "Sarap kong kumain!", my friends say. Diet or no diet, we should eat! Wait! Somebody texted me. "Where is our lunch?" OK! I will just finish three cups of coffee, then take a bath, brush my teeth, wear something sunny and then go to market. My friends have no choice but to take their lunch later in the afternoon. Take it or leave it.

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