Lunes, Hunyo 20, 2011

Pit Stop Go Blog

The habit of procrastinating flows in my veins. Long hours of waiting, brainstorming and planning on how make a good start is now in vain. I had it well-conceptualized during the Holy Week as an escape maybe for having nothing to do and having nowhere to go. Was I too busy? Or was I too lazy? Don't get me wrong, I was referring to my commitment to this Budget Social Climbing blog. Some personal issues were raised and it can be likened to the show 'Breaking the Magician's Code.' Am i really going to expose my way of life to the millions of possible readers of my blog? As of press time, I have already amassed118 views :) including me as one of the 3 who follows this blog.
                                         The Author: Monkeying around Palawan last May 2011

Pit stops are points in our lives wherein we were able to finish something and start to accomplish some things again. Maintaining a blog feels like having Great Powers given to Spiderman, where in great power comes greater responsibilities. You cannot just squirt anywhere and make your web. There are rules baby! The point is rather than wasting your time throwing angry birds on annoying greedy green pigs, just go on blogging. Blog about things I promised to share. Social climbing is a skill and is a way of life.

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  1. minsan u don't need the skill, sumabit ka na lang sa may skill hehehe.have u seen other people's blogs? talagang pang wallpaper ang pic mo ha. :p