Lunes, Hulyo 11, 2011

My Singapore Budget Trip

My very first internatuional BLOG ENTRY ala budget social climbing!!!!

Here in Singapore....BUDGET TERMINAL, on free internet terminals, time limit 15min per user. need to rush baby! Good and bad, the flight was delayed dfor 2 hours giving me a chance to to this blog!

For a social climber like me, he he he, I believe this one is a classic example of how to do it with a tight budget! What happens right now is the sudden influx of cheap flights to local and international destinations that can be booked online. Everyone is empowered by this service and the choices based on thier purchasing power are really given the chance to do what rich people can do. Only that we will boarding the same plane but only seating on different sections. It is basically the same, the same pilot, same crew, same cabin pressure but the only difference is the price tag! Flying on business class is just economy with class and priority. Take note that when in budget, it is a non-issue. Just use the toilet nearest to the business class passengers and let them have a scent of your meal whenever you feel like loosing your digested food mile high. Sorry for that.

There was a slight problem when the booking was made cutting thru 3 days from my workweek. Huh! Anyway, without batting an eyelash, I gave in to the challenge. 5days and 4nights was booked using Tiger Airways SEAIR boarding at DMIA Clark Airport. To do that, we had to stay at SOGO Hotel and witness how the world works at night back there in DAU and how people eagerly check in there. Smiley na lang ako. Now, I am in love with SOGO, So Good So Clean.

The departure was set at 6AM so we had to be there 2 hours early and from our best calculation, we had the taxi service to pick us up at 2:30AM. We arrived in the airport by 3AM, an hour before the whole airport opens and 3 hours before our flight departure. Loosing an hour of sleep is not so good.

Next Blog....will be about the preparations for the Singapore Trip.

Lunes, Hulyo 4, 2011

While in denial, go travel!

While in denial, go travel!

Back when I was a child, I will just close my eyes and dream that I can go places I only see in books and in our black and white Hitachi cabinet television. We do not have books in our home besides Doctors to the Barrios and the Bible. As for the television, it allowed me to see places in black and white. I had no choice and it felt like we are not that rich. I went to a public school, we do not have our own house, we do not have a car, so on and so forth. Still, my childhood is something I am proud of with the little travel luxuries life offered me.

I grew up in Concepcion, Marikina, left by my parents in Santolan, Pasig and San Mateo, Rizal while they were working, at times we went to Cubao for shopping and strolling and trips around Metro, Manila. The farthest maybe Antipolo for church, Victoria, Laguna to visit my father's relatives, Batangas for family outing and Matnog, Sorsogon to visit my mother's relatives. Uhmmm, not bad at all but not quite travelled. It was only in college and up to now that I got the privilege of exploring the Philippines and the World.

As a student of UPLB and member of a cultural theater organization, it allowed me to spend time and perform in
1) Mayao, Lucena, 2) Tumaini, Isabela 3) Binan, Laguna 4) San Pedro, Laguna5) Alabang, Muntinlupa6) Sucat, Paranaque7) Balayan, Batangas8) Tagaytay, Cavite9) Naga, Camarines Sur10) Legazpi, Albay11) Puerto Galera, Mindoro12) San Pablo, Laguna13) Sta. Cruz, Laguna14) Majayjay, Laguna15) Famy, Laguna16) Liliw, Laguna17) Vigan, Ilocos Norte18) Baguio
After college, already working and with money to splurge...he he he!
Seoul, South KoreaHong KongSingaporeJohor Bahru, MalaysiaBangkok, ThailandSchenzen, ChinaMacauKuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Bolinao, PangasinanSan Juan, La UnionBay, LagunaPunta Fuego, BatangasPagsanjan, LagunaKalayaan, LagunaPakil, LagunaPaete, LagunaPila, LagunaSariaya, QuezonPagbilao, QuezonSubic, OlangapoSan Fernando, PampangaPundaquit, ZambalesLaiya, BatangasCamiguinCagayan de OroCaramoan, Camarines SurBoracay, AklanBacolod, Negros OccidentalPuerto Princesa, Palawan
and counting.........on foot, by bike, tricycle, pedicab, jeepney, taxi, bus, train, trolley, boat, ship, plane....

Social Climbing with a Twist by Anne Applebaum

Found this article in the net, written by Ms. Anne Applebaum and posted in the Washington Post last November 30, 2009, citing historical reference to the social climbing act. She described social climbing as an ancient art, as for me, it is a skill. Funny but I can say that social climbing can be compared with the world's oldest profession, prostitution. :). Every era has one high-society impostor who swindles and are considered phonies known according to Ms. Anne. What motivates them? Wealth and fame!!! The strategy employed by them to enter the society besides leveling with their clothes and appearance, they follow these basic steps: 1) simply act as you belong, 2) do not stare hard on celebrities, 3) do not eat or drink too much, and 4) do engage in little chit-chats.
Stick with all four and you will be able to blend. :) Just be sure not to break rules.

Lunes, Hunyo 27, 2011

The Budget Social Climber Self-Description years ago


A Certified Hottie!
Really Perverted!!!
Really Twisted!!!
ABNORMAL= ABove Normal 
A Person with Issues
Always Misunderstood
Allergic sa Panget but can see Beauty from within
Living Dangerously on the otherside 
Passionately Dark
Questionably Wholesome
Vain all the way
Brutally Frank
Daydream Believer
Spiderman Alter Ego
Freaky TRYsexual
A Pain in the Ass
The Guy you hate to love and love to hate
A person with A.D.H.D.
Foolishly Rushing Things
Psychotic and a bit distrurbed
Living at large
Head Turner
This was just a figment of my imagination..........
Feeling ko kamukha ko si Jomari Yllana dati, pati nga si Cesar Montano at Keanu Reeves kinareer ko na, yes  marami nagsasabi na ganun kaso most of the time kamukha ko din daw si Bayani Agbayani (take note kaboses pa), lately si Dennis Padilla na raw... at sobrang pang-asar yung latest addition sa parade of stars na kamukha ko.... walang iba kungdi si VANDOLPH. Ay leche! 

Well, just recently and most of the time, GARDO daw ako.(Now that i have already cut my hair and shed some weight...)

He enjoys the following:

World Tour, LOTTO, The Movies, Showbiz, Freebies, Net Surfing, Cable TV, Pirated CD/VCDs, Malling, Disco, Bar Hopping, Videoke,  Beaches and bitches, 1partRedHorse:1partCali Ice, Salty Dog, Visual Arts, Travel

I'm into books about the universe, space exploration, mythology and the unknown, fascinated din ako sa kama sutra, photography, arts and crafts books, lalo na  pornography (soft and hard will do! feeds the pervert in me) he he he...

Go, Sixth Sense, In The Realm of Senses, Ring 1, Ring 2, Ring 0, Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Wide Sargasso Sea, Billy Eliot, The Cure, Little Women, Titanic, Speed, Girl Interrupted, Moulin Rouge, Chicago, The Brady Bunch, LOTR, Harry Potter

I have a wide taste in music, kaya kahit Pork Chop Duo pede na!  yung mala- Cafe del Mar ganun feel ko! Dig ko rin Brand New Heavies! Moonpools... dami pa talaga, see na lang my collection of pirated vcds and cassettes.

FULL HOUSE!!!! Game Plan, Fear Factor, Charmed, My So-Called Life, Dawson's Creek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Melrose Place, Friends, Just Shoot Me, ALIAS, Tabing-Ilog, Familia Zaragoza


Tokyo Tokyo aftter Bowling...Friendster Blog from the Past

Tokyo Tokyo after bowling

Looking so satisfied because i can easily ball a strike and get a spare. I am confident that i will win the tournament. Beef Misono, i will treat myself. Ei, tensed though…i find it very exciting...BOWLING is an addiction far better than smokin’…but way too expensive.
I boast of earning a flat 1 in my P.E. class. Just like what i have been braggin eversince, i come from a family of bowlers…my PAPA bowls, my MAMA bowls and CJ Suarez is a world-class bowler. What do you expect?Picture173
As of press time, i am holding our company’s record ofHIGHEST SINGLE SCORE IN ANY GAME last 2004… a whopping 145!!! he he he…so amateurish… Bowler_4
FYI: the largest score that i was able to bowl since i played 10pin was a 178… say i started with 3 consecutive strikes, followed by 3 spares and for the finish 4 consecutive 9s.
2005 game 1= 66, game 2= 114, game 3= 102…. a disgrace to the family!!!
he he eh!!!
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2 Responses to “Tokyo Tokyo after bowling”

  1. princess Says:
    im really not into sports but im sure glad you found another addiction……what happened to your addiction with preeeeety girls?nalusaw na perhaps?
  2. teta Says:
    this was just the second blog entry of yours that i read, and yet i can’t help but notice that you write, speak and sound like yoda… hmmm. oh well, i am just a comarts major in banking gal. hahaha

Kulimlim...Friendster Blog Post from the Past

Call me Jepoy: Live Strong
June 24, 2005

                                       animo’y isang panaginip…

                      There i was.

7 Responses to “Kulimlim”

  1. Des Says:
    hi jepoy!
    nananakot ka ba? effective. :) musta na?
  2. Mai Says:
    ano to, ang alamat ng mata?
  3. Ikbah Says:
    jepoy…musta na??’kaw ba tlaga yan?????anyways, ingat.
  4. princess Says:
    hehe…pepe gallaga could use this for his movie poster…. entitled MATAmpuhin. Artistic nerves still flourishes i you bro
  5. Sam Says:
    bloodshot eyes…lasing kagabi. hehe
  6. Vangie Says:
    kahit mata lang. kahit anong part mo,all time crush talaga kita. miss u jeps
  7. tricia Says:
    hi jeps,
    what made your life complete…. coffee, tea or girls???

Smoke No More ...Friendster Blog Post from the Past

Call me Jepoy: Live Strong 
June 27, 2005 
Jepoy's Blogs 

I thought it would take me forever before i drop this addiction.
It is no non-sense.
Difficult as it may seem, i was able to get rid of it.
The addiction was far too strong for me to resist the longing.
Smoking kills!!!

5 Responses to “Smoke No More”

  1. Olive Says:
    Smoke no more ka na talaga?!
    Good for you :-)
  2. princess Says:
    good for you bro. You’ve been smoking since the day i met you in umal. Good luck
  3. Sam Says:
    old habits never die. hehehe! punta ka dito, smoke tayo.
  4. Vangie Says:
    true. but it was only pregnancy that made me quit. life itself made me long for smokin’ again.
    be true!
  5. Beaver Says:
    Good luck, man! You’ll need LOTS of it. Heheheh. Seriously though, kudos to you and this new development. Keep it up, bro :)