Biyernes, Abril 22, 2011

Why Blog Social Climber?

From a Social Climber’s Perpective
If life begins at 40, I am 7 years away from having a life. The question now is whether I do have a life or just starting to get one. Quality of life is relative depending on where you are in the social ladder and what your economic status is. This is where social climbing enters the picture. Ooops! Please do not get me wrong about the ‘social climber’ thing. It may sound derogatory but I want to swing it to something that is more socially acceptable. It is like challenging the status quo in a society where clichés are rampant. Branding people as to who belongs to the IN crowd, the RICH and FAMOUS, and to some other feel good position in the society. Break.  From dictionary definitions, being branded as such is not a good thing. For example, Wikipedia claims that a social climber is ‘someone who seeks social prominence, someone who has suddenly risen to a higher economic status but not gained the social acceptance of others, or simply an insult suggesting poor work ethic or disloyalty to roots.’ Hmmm that was intense. The more I dig into the concept of what a social climber is; it seems harder to swing it to a better vantage point. Living a life that is full will be dependent on how you look at life and at yourself. Oh well! In time, I am sure that you will get my point. The basic idea of why I am blogging is to let you guys see that socially we should be responsible with our actions. It is not what you know but it is who you know that matters. Joke. Kidding aside, there should be minimal to no effort at all in being accepted socially. It is OK to show people who we are and what we can do. For the resources part, just stay within your budget and never forget where you are. In this area, it’s just arithmetic and the science of timing. When opportunity knocks, do not rush to open the door. First, use your instinct if the knock was made on the door, maybe what you heard as a knock is actually a tap on the window or a strike on the wall. Second, calculate how far you are from the knock. Simple! Need I say more?

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