Huwebes, Abril 21, 2011

Always a good start

Good Morning! It's Good Friday. Officially, this will be my first blog.

Facebook walang bakasyon!  Yesterday was fun, connecting with people from Canada, Jeddah, Hongkong, Singapore and Turkey asking them what are they doing this Lenten Season. 

The way we Filipinos observe Semana Santa evolved in a very alarming way. It is so much different now that people tend to equate Holy Week with their SUMMER VACATION. I will not be hypocritical about this but it just came to me as a thought. It imparts a guilty and uncomfortable feeling for me even though I am a nonpracticing Roman Catholic and also one of those who goes on vacation at the very same time when devotees pray, reflect and repent. But there are multitudes of excuses, that these people, so am I, have in doing such activities. We cannot blame them just remind them of what it is really important, its FAITH.

(Siguro kasi wala ako naging solid plan kaya sour-graping ako.)

Last year, it was Visita Iglesia on a Maundy Thursday down south from Bay to Calauan to Pila to Sta. Cruz to Pagsanjan to Paete to Pakil to Kalayaan to Pila and lastly to Los Banos. Come Good Friday, it was hiking up the Flat Rocks with a little dip in the cold spring. Then the next day, Black Saturday, it was swimming with the family at Flamingoes Resort in Marikina. Not sure though what happened during Easter of 2010. There were many plans though for the Holy Week of 2011 but it is much better to just STAY.
A follow-up Visita Iglesia in Manila, Anilao or Atimonan Beach Camping, or Hiking in Makiling is still a figment of my imagination. NOT EXECUTED. A very good excuse for having no activity for this period is "fasting from too much spending".

What am I doing? (Dapat mag- REFLECT and mag-REPENT!) Surfing the net, trying to do everything online, visiting places, churches and even getting straight answers to my mortal queries. A question last night, Maundy Thursday, is still haunting me. Where was Jesus when he was 12 to 30 years old?
For now, I am not doing anything but just going around the Net. One by one, I checked my neglected sites such as twitter, multiply, slide, picturetrail, etc. It is only then that  I remembered this blog. Kaya eto na ang virginal entry ko! Amen!

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