Lunes, Hunyo 27, 2011

The Budget Social Climber Self-Description years ago


A Certified Hottie!
Really Perverted!!!
Really Twisted!!!
ABNORMAL= ABove Normal 
A Person with Issues
Always Misunderstood
Allergic sa Panget but can see Beauty from within
Living Dangerously on the otherside 
Passionately Dark
Questionably Wholesome
Vain all the way
Brutally Frank
Daydream Believer
Spiderman Alter Ego
Freaky TRYsexual
A Pain in the Ass
The Guy you hate to love and love to hate
A person with A.D.H.D.
Foolishly Rushing Things
Psychotic and a bit distrurbed
Living at large
Head Turner
This was just a figment of my imagination..........
Feeling ko kamukha ko si Jomari Yllana dati, pati nga si Cesar Montano at Keanu Reeves kinareer ko na, yes  marami nagsasabi na ganun kaso most of the time kamukha ko din daw si Bayani Agbayani (take note kaboses pa), lately si Dennis Padilla na raw... at sobrang pang-asar yung latest addition sa parade of stars na kamukha ko.... walang iba kungdi si VANDOLPH. Ay leche! 

Well, just recently and most of the time, GARDO daw ako.(Now that i have already cut my hair and shed some weight...)

He enjoys the following:

World Tour, LOTTO, The Movies, Showbiz, Freebies, Net Surfing, Cable TV, Pirated CD/VCDs, Malling, Disco, Bar Hopping, Videoke,  Beaches and bitches, 1partRedHorse:1partCali Ice, Salty Dog, Visual Arts, Travel

I'm into books about the universe, space exploration, mythology and the unknown, fascinated din ako sa kama sutra, photography, arts and crafts books, lalo na  pornography (soft and hard will do! feeds the pervert in me) he he he...

Go, Sixth Sense, In The Realm of Senses, Ring 1, Ring 2, Ring 0, Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Wide Sargasso Sea, Billy Eliot, The Cure, Little Women, Titanic, Speed, Girl Interrupted, Moulin Rouge, Chicago, The Brady Bunch, LOTR, Harry Potter

I have a wide taste in music, kaya kahit Pork Chop Duo pede na!  yung mala- Cafe del Mar ganun feel ko! Dig ko rin Brand New Heavies! Moonpools... dami pa talaga, see na lang my collection of pirated vcds and cassettes.

FULL HOUSE!!!! Game Plan, Fear Factor, Charmed, My So-Called Life, Dawson's Creek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Melrose Place, Friends, Just Shoot Me, ALIAS, Tabing-Ilog, Familia Zaragoza


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