Lunes, Hunyo 27, 2011

Tokyo Tokyo aftter Bowling...Friendster Blog from the Past

Tokyo Tokyo after bowling

Looking so satisfied because i can easily ball a strike and get a spare. I am confident that i will win the tournament. Beef Misono, i will treat myself. Ei, tensed though…i find it very exciting...BOWLING is an addiction far better than smokin’…but way too expensive.
I boast of earning a flat 1 in my P.E. class. Just like what i have been braggin eversince, i come from a family of bowlers…my PAPA bowls, my MAMA bowls and CJ Suarez is a world-class bowler. What do you expect?Picture173
As of press time, i am holding our company’s record ofHIGHEST SINGLE SCORE IN ANY GAME last 2004… a whopping 145!!! he he he…so amateurish… Bowler_4
FYI: the largest score that i was able to bowl since i played 10pin was a 178… say i started with 3 consecutive strikes, followed by 3 spares and for the finish 4 consecutive 9s.
2005 game 1= 66, game 2= 114, game 3= 102…. a disgrace to the family!!!
he he eh!!!
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2 Responses to “Tokyo Tokyo after bowling”

  1. princess Says:
    im really not into sports but im sure glad you found another addiction……what happened to your addiction with preeeeety girls?nalusaw na perhaps?
  2. teta Says:
    this was just the second blog entry of yours that i read, and yet i can’t help but notice that you write, speak and sound like yoda… hmmm. oh well, i am just a comarts major in banking gal. hahaha

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