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Smoke No More ...Friendster Blog Post from the Past

Call me Jepoy: Live Strong 
June 27, 2005 
Jepoy's Blogs 

I thought it would take me forever before i drop this addiction.
It is no non-sense.
Difficult as it may seem, i was able to get rid of it.
The addiction was far too strong for me to resist the longing.
Smoking kills!!!

5 Responses to “Smoke No More”

  1. Olive Says:
    Smoke no more ka na talaga?!
    Good for you :-)
  2. princess Says:
    good for you bro. You’ve been smoking since the day i met you in umal. Good luck
  3. Sam Says:
    old habits never die. hehehe! punta ka dito, smoke tayo.
  4. Vangie Says:
    true. but it was only pregnancy that made me quit. life itself made me long for smokin’ again.
    be true!
  5. Beaver Says:
    Good luck, man! You’ll need LOTS of it. Heheheh. Seriously though, kudos to you and this new development. Keep it up, bro :)

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