Lunes, Hulyo 4, 2011

Social Climbing with a Twist by Anne Applebaum

Found this article in the net, written by Ms. Anne Applebaum and posted in the Washington Post last November 30, 2009, citing historical reference to the social climbing act. She described social climbing as an ancient art, as for me, it is a skill. Funny but I can say that social climbing can be compared with the world's oldest profession, prostitution. :). Every era has one high-society impostor who swindles and are considered phonies known according to Ms. Anne. What motivates them? Wealth and fame!!! The strategy employed by them to enter the society besides leveling with their clothes and appearance, they follow these basic steps: 1) simply act as you belong, 2) do not stare hard on celebrities, 3) do not eat or drink too much, and 4) do engage in little chit-chats.
Stick with all four and you will be able to blend. :) Just be sure not to break rules.

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