Lunes, Hulyo 11, 2011

My Singapore Budget Trip

My very first internatuional BLOG ENTRY ala budget social climbing!!!!

Here in Singapore....BUDGET TERMINAL, on free internet terminals, time limit 15min per user. need to rush baby! Good and bad, the flight was delayed dfor 2 hours giving me a chance to to this blog!

For a social climber like me, he he he, I believe this one is a classic example of how to do it with a tight budget! What happens right now is the sudden influx of cheap flights to local and international destinations that can be booked online. Everyone is empowered by this service and the choices based on thier purchasing power are really given the chance to do what rich people can do. Only that we will boarding the same plane but only seating on different sections. It is basically the same, the same pilot, same crew, same cabin pressure but the only difference is the price tag! Flying on business class is just economy with class and priority. Take note that when in budget, it is a non-issue. Just use the toilet nearest to the business class passengers and let them have a scent of your meal whenever you feel like loosing your digested food mile high. Sorry for that.

There was a slight problem when the booking was made cutting thru 3 days from my workweek. Huh! Anyway, without batting an eyelash, I gave in to the challenge. 5days and 4nights was booked using Tiger Airways SEAIR boarding at DMIA Clark Airport. To do that, we had to stay at SOGO Hotel and witness how the world works at night back there in DAU and how people eagerly check in there. Smiley na lang ako. Now, I am in love with SOGO, So Good So Clean.

The departure was set at 6AM so we had to be there 2 hours early and from our best calculation, we had the taxi service to pick us up at 2:30AM. We arrived in the airport by 3AM, an hour before the whole airport opens and 3 hours before our flight departure. Loosing an hour of sleep is not so good.

Next Blog....will be about the preparations for the Singapore Trip.

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